how would u educate people bout electronic music ?

Ok im 20 yo kids , i know all of u will dont care bout my age . but here the things , i see lot of people get interested w electronic n eventually like to learn how to dj or whatever is it at that time . personally almost 24/7 i learn as much as i could how to dj, how to produce anything that related , but theres a bunch of people literally make me pissed off cus they have any gear/equipment to get better really to get better instead they use their latest gear/equipment just for show off . i mean can u just respect music really just try to respect , im sayin this not to mean anything i just like dude im more younger than u but i like to learn new n always try to improve myself . im livin in indonesia anyway basically dance music not so much hype as europe anywhere is it , im thinking to givin understanding people bout electronic music but i still learn . i would like to hear u guys ur opinion bout this ? thanks anyway

Electronic Musician dji

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