Headroom for Mixing/ Mastering

Hello everyone !

I like to know a few things related to good headroom levels..Urgent !!

1. if we are producing, should we aim for -12 to -6db of headroom(peaks) for mixing and should we also think about any specific Rms value too? ( mine is usually around -19 to -25db). I heard it should be around -18db when you preparing it for mixing?

2.. but what if I have some plugins on the output ?? This way it usually comes around -0.1 db since I rough mix my tracks. Like that's how I want it to sound so I could give it as a reference to the mixing engineer. Or, I should try not to go above -6db even if I have plugins & effects on. 


2. And If suppose, I like to mix my own track, how much headroom I should leave for the mastering ?? .. from -6 to -2db ? How can we have have -6db of headroom if we are leaving that much of headroom for the mixing. This is always confusing.


Please someone pro helpp mee :)



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