Dance Music From Your Desk

Noticing the gust of DJ/Producer aspirations in dance music and the growing amount of information on the music history and it's purveyors...I am curious about all the interest. I have been sonically traveling with music since I was a child. My first time hearing House Music in NYC was on 107.5 WBLS with the legendary Frankie Crocker in 1984. He would play what I thought at the time was Disco tracks that hit the cutting floor from recording labels that didn't promote, didn't like or couldn't afford to distribute the vinyl. 

For us in NYC during that mid 80's era, House music was a term to describe these anonymous instrumentals playing over the air at noon till 3pm. Frankie Crocker was completely encouraging about the sound and believed it was the future coming out of Chicago. I agreed. The music was very moving, loud and influential in moltivating you. But I was more smitten with it having no vocals and causing me to engage the sound. I was raised on Disco, Pop music, and Rock. When I first heard Hip Hop clearly was in '77 and I didn't like the homemade sound quality being boasted by the locals. It wasn't until 1985 that the Hip Hop bug bit me and made me an eMCee. House and Hip Hop influenced my music production aspirations along with Jazz, and most modern contemporary. Club music contained lyrics though accompained by the house music frame. But only a few of those songs were cool in my book (and New Jerssey like it more that NYC).

Lately there has been an increase in the dance music genre from it's younger counterpart EDM, that has been making interest of producing dance music manifest rapidly via the internet. I don't know why so many want to make people dance when people really don't dance...they kinda just jump up an down in celebration of energy. The droves that come out to see the light show and the DJ are not like the scene in Studio 54 or the Paradise Garage days (or for that fact the whole dance and move of the 80's and 90's circa). These people had literal moves and all sorts of foot combinations. But the focus on me writing this is because I think that there is way more format than soul in edm and techno today. The house music drove you into a neon frenzy and made you be my opinion. The interest to know either more about the past of house or the evolution of it into todays standards, may be a good thing to the new generation to learn about. I feel today the production approach and technology doesn't connect to the source. That source being the club feel. Dancing to it. Feeling it before you go out. The clothes you want to express yourself in. The girl(s) you wanna run into. The impression you wanna make for the next 6-8hrs. These are sources that support the creative imagination. When you are a lover of house music it's part of your listening rotation and almost indefinitely the only thing you may listen to for a while. I feel these sources are abandoned for pattern and formula, and plain copycat. 

Pitbull and Flo Rida are doing Hip House. Footwork sounds like Fast Eddie to me. EDM sounds like Vangelis under corporate control. Top 40/100 dance music sounds like glucose watered down Jelly Bean Benitez. But yet small groups finds employment or makes side money from DJ'ing and producing music tracks for all occassions under the one genre. Here's my deal...with all that makes you interested in the dance music sound. Are you connected to it beyond the influence of trend, fan-ing of producers or just listening? Hopefully thru all the documentaries and short interviews with producers of dance music past and present, viewed by the aspiring. What will be learned is how to feel yourself in different environments and translate that into sound thru music production. I am glad to see something I literally heard start in the heart via church become a staple to so many.

I would like to hear dance music get pass the desk and back into the soul system. It is not a retro thing or even a is a forever sound that time can not control. It is made up of great creatives in the culture of house and delivered by the enthusiasim and belief of the listeners and followers.  I'm not saying it's dead...I'm just saying it can die if not applied in the life thread beyond large crowds of cued in fist pumping action. Disco music got spoofed and had many clown moments that killed it's claassiness and style. House has that feel as well but the scene has changed in it's look and attendance. It's already being used to sell household products and candy, even car insurance. If it's an art we love...let's make it serious!

(BTW. I won't get into the sensless seperation games of house music being sliced into deep, acid, trip, ethereal, etc. Still sounds like House music with slight variations.)

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