WTF! deal worth or nah? NEUTRON elements 80% off

I've seen more and more producers use this izotope Neutron engine but so far the only things that have caught my attention are the "MASKING" option where you put two tracks side by side with neutron on them. let's say bass and kick and it reads the frequencies of both then it shows you what areas are conflictive for you to EQ' them properly.

the EQ learn option is cool too. it hunts for harsh resonance and harmul freaquencies and it fixes them for you.

The transient shaper it's said to be pretty badass!.

unfortunantly this neutron elements deal doesn't include the masking option which is the coolest and most useful of them all so I don't know if this deal is actually worth getting just for the transiet shaper and the EQ learn as I own the FAB filter Pro Q2 which is a lot more precise, surgical and immersive and it can be run in linear or natural phase modes.

is anyone using it currently?

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