Looking for male singer for a physical releasing project

    Hi everyone I'm Jess and I'm looking for a pop male singer to feature with a famouse female singer in Asia. The song will be released digitally and physically in USA, UK, Australia, Taiwan and China in October.

    We're looking for a male singer who has been working on his own music career and also interested in reaching his arms into greater Chinese market. It's a cultural project contributed by traditional oriental artists and modern artists. The main purpose is to deliver oriental culture by covering hit mainstream songs. All license has already been purchased for the cover songs of the project. However, we don't really have any budget for the singer of this one since this is not a profitable project (all cover songs' royalties go to the original singer) and we only do the releasing to gain more attractions on the cultural issues.

   For previous works of the project please see : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIjobnQc8jVaxoyfTUTKM4a8k85Zdtjte

   For furthur details of the project please see : https://youtu.be/uNaak6A_eQY

   If you're interested, please send me you're social media link and previous singing works on jessfie791203@gmail.com




   Jess Yang

Collaboration male vocalist Features Singer

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