Pro Audio - Appropriate W to deliver optimum Sub performance

Hey PB Fam!

I am operating a mobile Danley sound system and in the process of swapping out our Amps.  Wanted to get some opinions as I have my own and have been getting conflicting information from various Amp/Speaker reps, Physicists, and other operators.

This question is specific to choosing the amount of W to send to each of our sub cabinets so here we go:

Subs:  Danley TH118: 4 ohms impedence:  1700W continuous/3400W program/ 6800W peak

Goal is to get the most out of each of our subs (running 8 of them)  by delivering enough W to each without unneccessary wear/tear.  this is for prolonged exposure (2-3 day parties oftentimes in outdoor environments).

My calculations: 4000W - 5000W to EACH sub.

Harman Rep:  5000W - 6000W

Prosoft Rep: 4500W - 5500W

Geoff the Grey Geek (Physicist?): 5000W

Danley Rep: 2500W as 5000W will wear the speaker coils with extended exposure...(suggesting we use their amp which only has this level available AND suggesting we add more he upselling us or accurate??)

Thoughts and insights are greatly appreciatted guys and gals!!


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