Got any Production/Arrangement tricks you'd like to share? =)

A lot of us get stuck on a track for hours, days or months and this can ultimately lead to dropping an idea that we at first thought had potential but then it became stale and boring as we listened to it indefiently and so we tend to drop these ideas and start new ones.

this is a really bad habit and some times all it takes is knowing that one technique or trick than can help us create another section or inspire us to move forward with the track and complete it.

so here's a little trick for your intro:

*record the call or response of your drops hook or vocal chorus with tons of reverb (100%wet, long decay, bright room usually sounds good)

*load the bounce into a sampler and have it play in a loop forward and reverse then scroll through it to find an interesting section.

*process it with soundtoys crystalizer or some other space oriented effect like flanger, chorus, phaser etc..

*have that as your intro drone.

This is a sneaky way to introduce your drop's hook early at the beginning of the track, it works great if you have it during the intro and mute it during the breakdown and build up that follows. and so once the listener gets to the drop of your track it will come in as new but it really isn't.. they've heard it before >=). 


Do not exercise the habit of starting new ideas, exercise the habit of finishing tracks ;).

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