Britain’s First Dance Music Boom: The Soul All-Dayer Scene, 1975-86 (

For those of you interested in the history and culture of the dance music scene, which if you are involved on any level you should be, should take a read of this. It's an account of the all dayer scene that emerged in the mid seventies. Emerging in both the north and south of the country initially it was based around northten soul records but certain DJs strted wating to play some of the more contemporary jazz-funk sounds that were merging from the US. The scenes in the north and sound differed with the north readily embracing the early house records that started to emerge in the 80s. The movement really lasted up until the late 80s when the illegal rave movement took over and laid the foundations for the scene as wel know today. Notable names that came from the all dayer scene? Pete Tong and Gilles Peterson. Well woth a read!

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