Point Blank's Publishing and Recording Agreements

Dear Plugged In family, 

The following is my personal story that I think should be shared on here. I believe this information will be useful for anyone who is considering getting their tracks released on Point Blank Music.

In October of 2016 I was offered by Declan McGlynn to release my track 'Hayate' on Point Blank Music. I was excited, so I told some of my family members about it. Fortunately for me, I have an aunt who is cousin's with Anthony Improgo (former frummer of Metro Station and current drummer for Parade of Lights). 

My aunt asked me to send her the Point Blank contracts before I signed anything. She sent them to Anthony, who showed them to his agent Seth Keller.

After careful review of the contracts, here is what Seth had to say:

Yo Ant:


This isn’t a good contract for a number of reasons. 


  • It gives this company ownership of 100% of the composition copyrights without an advance. 

  • When royalties and fees will be paid is not clearly defined since there is no definition of the Initial Term, which is what the contract bases its royalty payment schedule on.

  • It’s definitely not a publishing deal. It’s more of a deal to pitch songs.

  • It gives the company the sole right to decide what to do with the songs with the Writer having no say whatsoever

  • There is no breach provision - i.e., if the company violates the agreement there is no recourse for the Writer

  • It combines elements of a publishing deal with aspects of a record deal and aspects of song pitching agreement in language that does not benefit the Writer

  • It lists terms in capital letters like “Initial Term” and “Masters” but does not define those terms

Since it’s a UK contract, I can’t reliably say if its language is typical of agreements there, but based a few UK indie label deals I’ve done with other clients, it seems to be lacking quite a few elements that I think a good music attorney there would include to make it more specific and less open to interpretation.


I googled the company based on the URL provided in the email in the agreement and “pointblanklondon.com” points to “pointblankmusicschool.com”, which is a UK-based “electronic music school” with courses in London and Los Angeles according to their website.  For this reason alone, I would not sign a deal with them to publish the songs or pitch them.  But combined with everything above, I’m confident this is not an agreement worth signing.


If your cousin has any questions or would like me to talk to his contact at this company to get more information for him, I’m happy to do so.




Just thought it was important to share this information with you all. Good luck with your music!


-Aaron Archuletta

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