Looking For A Vocalist/Singer

Hello students of Point Blank. My name is Sam Shelley I am a Tech House & Techno producer and DJ from London. As you can see from the title of this post I am looking for a new singer to hopefully record vocals on some of my new upcoming tracks. If I can get some sessions done with someone soon then I will be able to have the tracks done and ready for the summer to test out at my DJ gigs in Ibiza. I will leave a link to all my socail media pages including my Soundcloud so you can check more about me and what I do. I looking foward to hearing from one of you and hopefully I will be working with/helping a student get the exporsure/break they want showcasing there vocal talent on one of my tracks to my big follwing/audiance numbers. I am a big champion of helping the young upcoming hungry talented people out.





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