Short-N-Sweet with Jon Short

When you think about how professional you are as a music producer. Independently you begin to look for more ways to get exposure along with the skill of promotion on social media and networking physically to create more awareness and buzz about your music. You are busting out new projects and being consistent. But you don't really have anyone talking about your music because nobody knows you. There are those who want you to pay for their opinion of your works if you are not known or popular on a scale like say for instance Kaytranada. Well people...You don't pay for an opinion. Neither should you pay for a review of your album project. In my experience by reaching out to magazines and such. Many will ask you to pay a small fee to get a review from them if you inquire with them to do so. Honestly, you don't know who are the best at journalism. Their field is just as saturated as the music industry is with music producers. But reviews do assist in you standing out along with all other efforts you make to be recognized. As tangible as these columnist and journalist are. They excercise the power of selection. It seems unfair to be savvy and focused about your craft and be self published, and independent. No one outside the followers and their comments are going to further your exposure. Now enters a solution...From the windy city of Chicago comes a man that will not only give a quality review of your newest project. But he will also do it for FREE! His name is Jon Short (Big Jon aka Fatboy) and he will keep it short and sweet. He is on social media and does his postings on Instagram. He reviews your album in a creative way and rates between Dope and Whack. You get and "L" for Lose and "W" for Win. Contact him and prepared to give him your URL to wherever you archive your music and wherever you frequent the most on social media. Tell him PeBe KaFeen sent you!


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