!llmind with Ryan Leslie on BLAP CHAT

This interview carries a lot of good information for producers. The Blap Chat show in fact is geared on the subject. Be sure to refer to the video's description box to connect to a choice of links. If you find value in this episode then explore more of the great information given on their talk show that can also be followed on Soundcloud. Here is a excerpt of the topic:

Ryan Leslie. The man who revolutionized the "beat making" videos and created viral sensation on youtube during its early days. The man who broke the Myspace code and revolutionized the way we look at marketing and streaming music by breaking Cassie's career. The man who graduated Harvard at an early age, and went on to produce hundreds of platinum records. His mission to connect the world is inspiring and fascinating. This man had so many jewels on this episode, I don't even know where to begin. Just listen to it and get ready to feel cleansed. 

-As posted in the description box for the talk show.


information Music Producers #soundcloud

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