Key and chords help!
Hi all, im a former point blank student. Playing around with music in the house/tech kind of genres, i like to use classic vocals/ chords etc in my productions but find it incredibly difficult to find the key of a track/vocal or work out the chords to sample along side my own original music.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the key is of this track or perhaps help me interpolate the chords, theres only two ha, (i think...) so it shouldnt be too time consuming! I think its A minor but i really have no idea...
And i think the two chords used are Am and Asus2 or Aadd9 possibly voiced with the B the same as A sus 2 would generally be voiced to give it the dischord sound..

But im a real rookie at this kinda thing...

Any help or ideas greatly appreciated

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