Checking Mono Compatibility in Ableton

For the longest, I've been trying to figure out a way to check my mixes in mono in Ableton. Like me, you may have discovered that the only way to do this is by using a Utility plugin, and setting the width to 0. While this kind of works, it introduces some phase issues and cancellation and sounds like crap. Leaving the width alone and setting it to either Left or Right, isn't a great deal better. But, I think I found a way that sounds pretty good. Quik Quak makes a plugin (free) called Upstereo. I found that if I put this on the master and move the slider to mono, it sounds better than the Utility plugin. At least it does to my ears. After adjusting my mix using this method, and then turning off Upstereo, viola! Sounds great. I would be curious if anyone would try this and see if my ears are lying to me.

I wish Ableton had a way to sum to mono but it seems not. Ableton, if you are listening, that would be a nice feature in a future update.


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