KI A PO - New to Plugged in and Point Blank Music School - Hello :-)

Hi Everyone - Firstly to wish you all a Merry Christmas, I hope the day has been amazing for everyone!

I wanted to quickly introduce myself after registering for Point Blank Complete Ableton Live Online class starting end of January. Really excited to get going and meet everyone :-).

I started to Deejay just over three years ago now after my first trip to Ibiza, fell in love with House music, the scene and most importantly the people! I have local residencies in Reading where I am from and also got lucky enough to play at Ministry of Sound and Ibiza this year.

Been practicing with Ableton for the last year or so using Ableton Live 9 Suite, Push and recently adding my beautiful Roland TR-8! Really enjoying it and have lot's of tracks to finish but feel Point Blank is the next natural step to refine my producing skills, meet new like minded people and have fun!

Nice to meet you all and sorry to make the intro too long!

Happy Christmas,

KI A PO (Kieran Porter) :-)

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