Getting out of a creative rut - with a plug-in! [ A FREE seasonal gift for Ableton Live users ] (

Lots of plug-ins trigger new ideas. New sounds, new effects, new synthesizers - they often help you to generate new music. 

But if you are stuck in the same old chord progressions and familiar scales, then breaking outside of them can be harder. If only there was a plug-in that did that!

There is!

MIDIf(x)_mr for Ableton Live is a FREE MaxForLive plug-in MIDI effect that does unusual things with notes - it multiplies them, then folds them into a range. You can see some of what it does in the accompanying screenshot. MIDIf(x)_mr lets you play as normal on your keyboard, but you get warped outputs, where the pitches, chords and scales are altered, and it can inspire you to create new progressions and new melodies.

Here's the 'manual' and a few tutorials to help you make the most of it:


Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2




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