Everyone wants a review but no one wants to review...
...is what I've found to be true of every music sharing platform I've used to date.

We all want our creations to be listened to, liked and for me more importantly, commented on from someone providing proper feedback (good or bad).

It is however very rare, for me none of the current sharing platforms are encouraging social engagement despite claiming to be social platforms.

I believe this is for a few reasons but the main reasons being a lack of time - For most part time/bedroom producers trying to establish a foot on the ladder are holding down full time jobs and have family/other commitments. It's hard enough to find time to create let alone review and provide feedback to others.

I'd be interested in platform that put social interaction and engagement at the forefront of it's thinking and to do that I believe you might need to force peoples hand.

One of the mechanisms to establish that is that to upload and share a track, you would have to listen and review to say 3 tracks.

The risk of course is that you end up with thoughtless comments just to complete the process.

I'd be interested to hear the thoughts of other Point Blankers.

Would you be happy to review other music in return for guaranteed reviews of your creations in return?

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