Point Blank Community, 

As a Non-Member of your school, I have to say that it is quite awkward to be from the states, a New Yorker, and see that my posting has it's glitches...almost on purpose. Now I know it is not for me to take it personal. But seeing I enjoy the like minded people and the communities attitude and behavior to responding with feedback, and having made some friends here; there seems to be a bit of a consitency in the way this online problem me. Without asking others do they have this problem, I have concluded that it is not possible for this community to have a closed or bias to those who are not neccesarily students of this progressive and prestigious school. I like what is going here.

As an Artist/Producer I really do look for group communities that have a higher learning, smarter than me, so that I can be more advanced and excel at my craft. I wish that Facebook was more like Point Blank Plugged In Community...But they got you beat because they make sure their site is in good shape and that people are not hindered from sharing and posting by little things such as traffic and possible hacking of sorts. I've learned a lot by communicating with many of you here and are glad to have met some crafty and creative heads. Don't be ugly. send out newsletters and consideration notes to those of us that may not be students of Point Blank London.

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