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10th December

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Tomas Gagliardo - Tomas Crow

Meet Tomas Gagliardo, a versatile music songwriter & producer from Argentina. In his musical career, he played in rock bands and performed as a solo acoustic act. Although no stranger to acoustic instruments, Tomas has recently been producing a more electronic sound under Tomas Crow moniker. This resulted in a well received EP called Birdsplace which charted at number four on Bitport's top ten Progressive House releases. He is currently working on an album and I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with the man about his influences and his musical goals and dreams.

What was your favorite album growing up?

When I was 10 years old, my father was really into progressive rock bands such as Supertramp, Alan Parsons Project, Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd and Yes. But there was one album that was constantly calling my attention: “The Wall” from Pink Floyd. It completely changed the way I played instruments and saw music at that moment. I am sure I would not be the same today without that influence.

And how did bands like Pink Floyd influence your music?

The way that they built an entire album around one concept definitely inspires me when I make music. Each track evolved into the next to create a story line expressing exactly what they wanted to say. In my upcoming album you will find a lot of inspiration from “The Wall”, but in a different way conceptually.

What music have you been listening to the most lately?

I have been listening to different kinds of artists from different genres such as Blonde Redhead, Fleet Foxes, Com Truise, Chromatics, Alt-J, Grizzly Bear, John Hopkins, Jonny Greenwood, Legowelt, Phoenix, Thivery Corporation and Snarky Puppy, to mention a few. I am constantly changing the type of music that I am listening, and I feel this helps me a lot when I need inspiration from variated genres.

How would you sum up your music?

I am a bit eclectic while making music, but these days I have two faces while producing. One of them is my alias, Tomas Crow. For this I create a kind of melodic techno and play live in different clubs. The other is the project that I am investing more time in, at least in the studio. For that I’m creating an album that combines acoustic and electronic elements with a solid concept behind the full album. It does not have a specific genre, but inside the album you can find some IDM, Electronica, Cinematic and acoustic sounds. The name of the project is Tomas Crow - Detoxify , and it will be launched next year.

How did you start producing music?

I started building my own songs when I was 14 when I was in a band, but I wrote everything on paper. After that, a guy that was making an independent cartoon asked me if I could record some blues guitar for him, and that’s when I started using Cubase. A year later I felt a bit more attracted to electronic sounds and I started building sequences with Frooty Loops. After that, I played in different bands until three years ago when I got into music writing and sequencing again, but this time with Ableton Live. And I don't regret that at all!

What’s your creative process like when you’re producing?

It depends a lot on my mood to be honest, but basically I have 3 ways of producing: The first one consists of grabbing my guitar or bass, or sitting down at the piano to play some melodies or chord sequences to build a loop or something to begin a track.

The second one is a bit personal, but most of the time I compose a track in my mind before going to any DAW or instrument. An idea can come to me at any time, and when it comes I need to be prepared to write it down, so I always have a pen and my red book. I write down all the parts of the track, including harmony and the kind of groove that I am looking for.

The third is no more than just sitting in the studio without any clue of what I want to do. I start playing with my synths or grabbing a digital instrument controlled by midi. Lots of good things come when you do not have an idea of what you want to do!

Where are you from and how do you find living in London?

I was born in 1995 in Argentina and have lived there all my life, but moving to London changed my way of seeing art in general. What I really like about this city is that it has a very wide range of different cultures and each one of them teaches you something new and helps you grow as an artist. As every city, it has pros and cons, but I think the pros outweigh the cons!

What has been your experience studying at Point Blank so far?

Point Blank has been my home for the past year and I feel that without it my music would not be the same. The teachers are artists that are super experienced in the music industry and they've taught me their way of seeing things. One thing that I really like is that most of them have different opinions, so you can learn from different points of view and take whatever works best for you. One of my favorite things from Point Blank is the ability to book studios. You can have a high quality studio just for you and your creative process with assistants that definitely know what their are doing!

What are your musical goals and dreams?

I have one musical goal, and it is to know as much as I can about music. I never want to stop learning new things. I think being a professional musician will bring other goals and opportunities, so my dream is to be a professional in the music industry.

Thanks Tomas. Lets end with a quote from your instructor Alex Phountzi who reccomended you for Plugged In's artist profile:

"Tomas has been a pleasure to have as a student and it came to me immediately that he has a sense of where he wants to go and a clear artistic vision. I love how he makes use of his vocal and musical skills to combine with eletronica which gives his music a personal touch and sets it apart from a lot of the other music I am hearing at the moment."