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This is a place for Point Blank students, staff, alumni and friends around the world to connect and network, ask production questions, post links to tutorials, share music for feedback, find new opportunities and collaborators, or just hang out and talk about the music scene. Anyone who loves music is welcome here, but you need to be a member to post links and comments. Use the Signup link at top right to join. (If you've already signed up on the main Point Blank website, just use the same login/password here.)


Please have a quick read through our community guidelines before posting. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us directly!


Community Guidelines

Posts that do not meet these standards or that violate the guidelines below will be removed; repeated violations may result in a ban. Again, please contact us if you have any questions about this.

    •    Be respectful to others. No flame wars, dissing genres you don’t like, or posts stereotyping any group of people will be tolerated.

    •    Asking a question? Discussion questions about electronic music and production are encouraged here, feel free to ask anything.

    •    Have suggestions? We welcome your suggestions and feedback, this community is for you. Please use the category Suggestion Box to post new ideas for community discussion, or feel free to contact us directly with your feedback..

    •    No piracy of music or software. Or anything else for that matter. This includes links to pirate software or music on other sites, advice about how to crack software, etc.

    •    Self-promotion is OK (within reason). We want to hear about your events, your new releases, upcoming tours, and other musical accomplishments, this is what our community is all about. However, please only post about a given event or release ONCE. If you keep posting repeatedly about the same thing your posts will be deleted and you will be warned.

    •    Can I post my music here? You are welcome to post your music here in the community for feedback, just a few points to consider:
         ◦    We don't host your tracks directly but you can link to them–we suggest posting your music on SoundCloud and then posting the link here.
         ◦    If you really want others to check out your sounds, try to DESCRIBE your music in a way that will make people want to hear it–a title like 'my week #2 assignment' is unlikely to grab many listeners. ‘My post-dubstep jam that sounds a bit like Burial or Shackleton’ sounds a lot more interesting (to me at least!).

    •    Contact us. Please contact us directly if you see any violations of these guidelines, or other questionable content that we need to respond to. Please send us a direct link to the content if you can.



John von Seggern

Online Community Manager