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PB Heads to India for a Track Masterclass with Sandunes

  • 11 October 2016

    For this special filmed session, Sanaya will be sharing some of the key elements of the track, giving us an insight into her distinctly analogue and live influenced approach to music-making. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for the resulting masterclass, and in the meantime take a listen to the full album below or download via Bandcamp.

    Sanaya Ardeshir is part of India’s new generation of boundary-pushing musicians. She relocated to London to undertake our comprehensive Music Production & Sound Engineering Diploma, and the Mumbai native would go on to be heavily influenced by the sound of London’s underground clubs. Her productions see her mutating the flex of garage and post-dubstep, working them into broader jazz and south Asian influences. Since graduating from Point Blank, Sanaya has been profiled everywhere from GQ India tRolling Stone, is part of NYC’s forward-thinking Discwoman roster and her debut Perfectiming EP was released by RBMA. We’re delighted to have Sanaya represent Point Blank, not only as a guest artist but as a former student, and can’t wait for her to show us how she’s developed her approach to production since learning her craft with us.

  • 26 June 2017

    Is the masterclass uploaded on the YouTube channel? Can't find it though. Very excited for this!!

  • 26 June 2017

    Ok...just found it. 

    IS this the one?--->>>