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Sanya Ardeshir

  • October 11, 2016

    Sanaya Ardeshir, one of the most visible of India’s new generation of boundary-pushing musicians, studied our comprehensive Music Production & Sound Engineering Diploma. Best known for her Sandunes project, the Mumbai native was heavily influenced by her time in London as a PB student, with the capital’s underground garage flex feeding into her evolving, experimental sound. Never one to stand still, she teamed up with fellow genre agnostic Jivraj Singh for the collaborative project Perfectiming last year, hitting the road to play a number of high profile gigs including the RBMA showcase in Kuwait and Magnetic Fields Festival. Their RBMA-released debut EP is available via Bandcamp now.

    Sanaya’s projects have clearly hit upon a receptive – and intriguingly broad – global audience; she’s been profiled everywhere from GQ India (thanks for the shout-out!) to Rolling Stone, and is part of NYC’s forward-thinking Discwoman roster. Looking back at her time at PB, she is quick to credit the role it had in shaping her, not just musically but through the unique industry insights it was able to offer: “Studying at Point Blank was really enabling for me, it was a great experience. I met some great tutors and was able to get a feel of what the music industry was like, even before I actually got into it.”