Point Blank x Loopcloud Producers Competition

Info and Due Dates

Posted By Theo Kotz 1     May 11, 2018     2,315 views     0 likes     4 comments
If you're a music producer at any level and you use a DAW, chances are you've come across Loopmasters and Plugin Boutique, two of the world's biggest sellers of sample packs and plugins respectively. Well, to celebrate the launch of their cloud-based database Loopcloud 2.0, we've teamed up with both companies to bring you this outstanding Producer's Competition. All you need to do is download Loopcloud and, using any of the 1G of free sounds you gain access to on downloading, make a track and submit it via Plugged In. The winner will receive prizes from an array of developers, as well as any of our 'complete' range of online courses.