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Vocalist / Top Line Writer: collabs

COLLABORATIONS_POSTED_BY Surmayi -     March 23, 2016     1,805 views     2 likes     5 comments
London, United Kingdom - Get Directions
Hey. Vocalist / Top Line writer available for collaborations, based in London. Currently studying jazz, my voice is souly/ jazzy with a chill out vibe. it's soft rather than diva/ belter. 
Often suits deep house, chill, dnb, dubstep, ambient, garage ... 
Have had tracks signed. Soundcloud here:
i have more tracks that aren't up here, but you can at least hear vocal tone.
Am now full time music so looking to get in the studio as much as possible.
(also in a jazz duo / quintet so have access to some keen, cool and awesome musicians if you need them for recording or live) 
Happy to work remotely drafting toplines & vocals or to get together and jam something out, and be great to perform during DJ sets etc. I really want to start working with people and create and perform together rather than just sit in my lounge writing... :0)
Based in London.


email me at : with links to tracks, as not sure i get alerts for messages here.

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