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Need alt R&B producer

COLLABORATIONS_POSTED_BY Ry Jones 1     11 November 2017     164 views     0 likes     0 comments
COLLABORATIONS_TAGS - #Soulful #producer #Kasbo #Jack Garratt

My names Ryan, I'm based in London and have been making music the past couple years. I've got tons of songs done and ideas I just can't produce them to there best and where I know they can be. If you want to hear my style I just released an EP on Spotify a couple days ago (link at the bottom). It's kinda alternative R&B but I love more electronic and indie so want and have ideas for more of an electronic influence on the next songs. I'm looking for a sound somewhere between Kasbo, Jack Garratt ad Flume (the expectations aren't that high don't worry). I can't pay but I'm not the glory hog kinda guy so of course would be collaborative and promoting both of us, would love to form a partnership if it goes well! If you like my tunes and are interested, send over some of your music to

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