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Looking for apartment (JAN 2019)
Hi, I'm Jan, 18 years old from Germany and I'm going to study at PB Music Production for 2 years (BA) starting in January 2019 in LONDON. I'm currently looking for an apartment. My budget is around 300 pounds pw at a max. Hope you can help me...
Primtive World's E-mu SP-1200 sampler - Gear Guide
Just came across this excellent video with Primitive World's Sam Willis, who is also a instructor at PB delivering the Production Analysis module. Here he gets deep into his classic EMU1200. He also took part in Fact Magazine's infamous, 'Against ...
Tracklib - The record store for sampling
This is a new site that I became aware via my instagram feed. Put simply anything you buy on here, you can sample with no worries about sample clearance. At first glance there is some interesting stuff on there.....could be worth a dig ;)

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