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Producer Competition

Submit your original track for a chance to get signed and recieve prizes worth £2,800!

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Enroll now and you could save up to £900/$1200 on any of Point Blank's online courses. Offer Ends 31st Jan.

Plugged In Meets Producers

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Logic Pro X 10.3
New Logic update. ncluding Selection-based Processing, which will allow users to try out different effects for varying audio regions. The new version also includes True Stereo Panning, Track Alternatives, and a new 64-bit summoning engine, with 19...
Exclusive Production Competition
Point Blank is teaming up with Magnetic Magazine, Wave Alchemy, Novation and PB Music Label to bring you yet another exclusive production competition. The judging panel is asking you to submit your own original tracks, of any genre for a chance to...
Receive feedback about your track, live on Plugged In on the 26th Jan.
Plugged In Meets Producers hangout will take place on Thursday the 26th January at 17:00 GMT. During the event we will be discussing your tracks and looking at ways of improving them. To take part log in to Plugged In and head to the chatroom page...

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