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Suzanne Ciani - One Of Electronic Music's Greatest PIoneers
Has anyone seen this film about Suzanne Ciani? Eelectronic music pioneer from the 70s until now. Famously responsible for the Coca Cola bottle opening and fizzing sound that she created using a Buchla modular system Check out this piece in Dazed w...
P.I.M.P - Monday 23rd October 18:00 GMT+1
Greetings Plugged In People,   The next Producer Hangout will take place on Monday 23rd October from 18:00-19:00 GMT+1. Plugged In Meets Producers (aka PIMP) invite you to join us in the Plugged In chatroom preferably with a soundclou...
Maschine MK3 review: Less of a MIDI controller, more of an instrument
Ok I have to say I'm seriously considering diving in with the Maschine now, it's available from today. Has anyone got one yet? The audio sequencing really makes it exciting...

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