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Viv May's remix competition in partnership with Synthmaster, Samplephonics and Point Blank is now open for submissions. More info here.

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Browse through the best up-and-coming artists from Plugged In and  Point Blank Music school.

Plug in of the Week

Watch brand new episode of Plug In of the Week about Soundtoys' Tremolator - it will be broadcasted live around 4pm.

Getting out of a creative rut - with a plug-in! [ A FREE seasonal gi...
Lots of plug-ins trigger new ideas. New sounds, new effects, new synthesizers - they often help you to generate new music.  But if you are stuck in the same old chord progressions and familiar scales, then breaking outside of them can be har...
Plugged In Monthly Showcase - November 2016
Check out this month's selection of tracks from Plugged In community members. Tracks have been chosen by Point Blank and Plugged In panel and feature on PB's soundcloud page:  Plugged In Monthly
Viv May Remix Competition
We are excited to announce an opportunity to remix Viv May's (Shogun Audio, Dispatch Recordings) soulful track 'Don't Make Me Say It' . Competition is free to enter - simply register with Plugged In, download stems and submit your entry on the tra...

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