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BBC iPlayer - The Last Pirates: Britain's Rebel DJs
Great documentary here on Iplayer with Rodney P about the British pirate radio culture in the 1980s in the UK and how it acted as the foundation for the burgeoning underground black music club culture that exploded into the rave scene at the end o...
No alternative: how brands bought out underground music | Music | The...
This is a very good and timely piece and the involvement of brands with underground/non mainstream music. Redbull? Boiler Room? There was a time when this kind of cosying up would be unthinkable for the kind of artists getting involved now however...
Plugged In Showcase - October 2017
The monhtly showcase is back with some of the best tracks posted over the last month. As usual thanks to everyone for sharing their music with us and again there is some great stuff in from some familiar faces as well as some new ones. Enjoy!

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