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Producer Competition

Winner announced!

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Waves 5 Amazing Specials – Limited Time Only
Before you ask I don't have shares in Waves but if you're serious about producing and want to step up your production I'd recommend all of these especially the Soundshifter at $29, you can't go wrong!  
Plugged In Meets Producers - 23rd Feb
Plugged In Meets Producers hangout will take place on Thursday the 23rd February at 17:00 GMT. During the event we will be discussing your tracks and looking at ways of improving them. To take part log in to Plugged In and head to the chatroom pag...
Rest in power - The Funky Drummer, Clyde Stubblefield
Clyde Stubblefield the drummer behind one of the greatest breakbeats of all time has passed away at the age of 73, he was so tight on those hi hats in that beat. Drummer for James Brown in the 60s and also as part of the JBs, Stubblefield can righ...

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