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Vinyl’s gold rush hits new record – and it’s not just ‘dad rock’ band...
Good news or bad news? For independents it's a bit of a problem as it takes longer to get stock turned around as the majors can offer more business. I waited 7-8 months to get a pressing back this year, but in many ways it's very encouraging that ...
Underground Resistance and Carhartt team up for new clothing line
Underground Resistance and Carhartt to team up for clothing range, apparently Mike Banks loves the brand
Danny Rampling: how we made acid house club Shoom | Music | The Guardian
This is one perhaps for the 'mature raver' but also for the youngers who are interested in the history of house and club culture in the UK. This tells the story of the legendary club from the point of view of one of it's founders, Danny Rampling, ...

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