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MORE! Free Professional Studio Mastering
I've had great feedback so far... happy to do more...  Hope you’re all doing well. I have been interning at possibly the best Mastering Studio in London, for the last few months. I have been working very closely with one of the head e...
Livestream for Novation Peak Synthesizer
This looks interesting, on January the 18th there will be a Beats and Bytes hosted livestream on their new polyphonic Peak synthesizer, more info over on the Novation website...
Sicario & Bluey Pointblank Video Shoot
Anyone familiar with studio 2 at Pointblank's Orsman Road buidling will be familiar with the setting for this video. Produced by 2 students at the college this was premiered on Link UP TV last week, the video also features a number of cameos from ...

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